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About AI vacation

Thoughts, experiences and recommendations

AI is more.

Just dive into one of the travel suggestions created with KI Vacation. Here you can see how entire travel worlds open up to you with just a few mouse clicks. There it becomes clear that "Google & Co." as useful tools do not serve the same purpose. And you don't have to scroll past mountains of paid ads first either.



Of course, we've all heard that AI provides wrong answers. Right. I've heard that, too. Or it answers "out of embarrassment", because it doesn't know an answer, with general wisdom about the AI or about this page here. But when I look at it closely, I usually had my share. So what can I do?

  • I need to ask the question simply, accurately, and in short sentences. As you can see from the blog, I like to ask two questions for a trip planning so as not to overwhelm the AI. E.g. let it recommend a round trip first and then the hotels along the way. I leave the result to your judgment:

  • Spelling is important: If you forget e.g. the "er" in "Abenteu", the AI may not answer the question!

  • Sometimes the AI is overworked. It is best to try again later.

  • I have the impression that round trips or out and back are more in line with the travel logic. Leg "One-way" occasionally did not match the legs exactly.

  • If you use the artificial intelligence at for the first time, it pays off to really read everything that is written there - simply point by point. It's easy at the second query.  

  • The "hoppalas" may also amuse. As feedback they would interest me however very much! 

And this is what the AI says about itself and the site:


Welcome to the leading AI vacation website in Germany! We offer you a unique experience by providing suggestions for your next vacation trip and hotels based on AI-generated results. With us, you will always receive recommendations that are comprehensive and completely tailored to your personal query.


Our AI-driven technology allows us to understand our customers' needs and preferences and create offers for them. 


However, please note that the results of our AI may contain errors. Despite the advanced technology, there are still some factors that cannot be taken into account. For this reason, we recommend that our customers critically review the information we provide and conduct further research if necessary.


A great advantage of having a vacation suggested by an AI is that you can save time and effort by focusing on the best deals and destinations. 


A disadvantage could be that an AI does not have human intuition and may not be able to take into account special circumstances or needs of the traveler. In such cases, it is advisable to match the AI's recommendations with your own judgment and the needs of your travel group.


We pride ourselves on providing our customers with an advanced and efficient way to plan their next vacation. Visit our website and experience the future of travel with our AI-powered technology!

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