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5 STARS DELUXE: South of France, Monaco, Genoa, Milan, Zurich, Geneva. 7 days round trip.

Updated: Apr 22, 2023

Question to the Suggest me a round trip from Marseille via Genoa to Milan and via Switzerland back to Marseille in 7 days by car. At the 6 stopovers, which should please be chosen so that there are attractive cities with tourist highlights waiting, suggest me each of the 3 best sights.

BONUS-Question: Suggest 3 luxurious hotels in each of the following cities: Nice, Monaco, Genoa, Milan, Zurich and Geneva.


Of course, I'll be happy to help you plan your trip from Marseille to Genoa to Milan and back to Marseille via Switzerland in 7 days by car. Here are my recommendations for the 6 stopovers, each offering attractive cities with tourist highlights:

1. Nice, France

Hotels: Nice

3. Hotel Martinez Cannes by Hyatt [Attention: Cannes]


2. Monaco

  • Discover the glamour von Monte Carlo,

  • visit the princely palace and stroll

  • through the picturesque alleys of the historic district of Monaco-Ville.

Hotels: Monaco:

Monte Carlo
Monte Carlo

3. Genua, Italien

Hotels: Genua:

4. Milan, Italy

Hotels: Milan:

5. Zurich, Switzerland

Hotels: Zurich:

6. Geneva, Switzerland

  • Visit the Jet d'Eau, the city's landmark,

  • visit the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Museum and

  • enjoy the spectacular view from Mont Salève.

Hotels: Geneva:

Genfer See
Lake Geneva

I hope these recommendations help you plan your trip and that you have a wonderful time!

Have fun on your trip and best regards,

Your team

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