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Packing suitcase for man for 7 days beach vacation

Question to Suggest me a comprehensive packing list for a man going on vacation to the sea for 1 week. It should fit everything in a suitcase for 20 kg of luggage and not exceed the maximum weight.

Koffer mit Aufklebern

I'd love to! Here is my comprehensive packing list for a man who spends 1 week at the seaside and wants to limit his luggage to 20 kg:


- 7 t-shirts

- 2-3 polo shirts

- 2-3 shirts

- 2-3 shorts

- 1 pair of long pants

- 1-2 pairs of swimming trunks

- 7 pairs of socks

- 7 pairs of underwear

- 1 pair of comfortable shoes

- 1 pair of sandals


- Sunglasses

- Hat or cap

- Beach bag or backpack

- Beach towel

- Waterproof cell phone case

- Wallet with all important documents


- Sunscreen with high SPF

- Aftersun lotion

- Insect repellent

- Shampoo and conditioner

- Body soap or shower gel

- Toothbrush and toothpaste

- razor and shaving foam

- deodorant

- Nail scissors and clippers

- Hairbrush or comb

- Medication and first aid kit


- Camera or smartphone with a good camera

- Chargers and adapters

- Powerbank

I hope this list will help you prepare for your vacation by the sea and pack your suitcase.

Have fun on your trip and best regards,

Your team

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