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AI and the Sea

Welcome to the N°1 AI vacation site in the German-speaking world! Just a few months ago, what now seems almost self-evident was unimaginable. Having a conversation with an artificial intelligence and getting complex questions answered. In September 2022, it still took me 40 hours to plan a 4-day trip to London. Yes, it could have been done faster even then, but I just wanted to do it well. Today, with, it can be done in no time.

And again, yes, you can also just go to (you can do that here too) and look for a hotel. But that's not "vacation planning." That's also where you want to experience something, go on excursions, enjoy time in restaurants with fantastic views, or book a surf course nearby. That's where comes in.

Do you want to learn more about the about the page, or try it out for yourself right away. Then go here to the individual search with the AI. 

PS: My own opinion: I often hear and read how dangerous artificial intelligence is and that it will rob us of everything. From minds to jobs. Yes, just like the internet, the cell phone and (as far as the mind is concerned) the television. But: it also opens up a world for us. Personally, I prefer to stay curious, marvel and try everything. Respect is good. But to stop going into the water for fear of the "wave", that's not what I want. I much prefer to ride it - within the limits of my abilities. Have fun in the sea of possibilities.


Yours, Alois Lachinger, owner of

*KUrlaub ranks #1 on Google (as of June 9, 2023)


KI Urlaub

 Alois Lachinger

4020 Linz, Am Bindermichl 75


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